These profits could be yours. Seeing is believing

Just imagine you invested 5,000 or 10,000 or perhaps 100,000 USD/EUR and see below simple results of our ongoing performance. The performance of accounts depends on risk you are willing to take. Are you ready for profits 20% or 50% per annum? Our clients use strategies which they learnt during their demo accounts. They liked is so much, they opened up LIVE accounts and start trading. Actually the Matras Platform started trading for them.

We are not presenting marketing pictures but rather real numbers and orders executed during period of 5 years. Our state-of-the-art-software Matras Platform with combination of strategies developed by our traders and mathematicians can outperform any human forex investor simply because it has no emotions. It behaves as pure algorithm and follows the trend of forex waves. It jumps in, stays for a while and then jumps out. It repeats this until it reaches strategic levels and turns off.

Take a look at some recent developement of our clients. Just a snap shot last 6-8 months. For privacy purposes we deleted the name and number of the client. You can download the entire history of trading in PDFs below.

Credit Trading Accounts

Account 1 StatementAccount 2 StatementAccount 3 StatementAccount 4 StatementAccount 5 Statement

Of course we have have trading history. This is not just trending thing. We've been here for last 5 years.

strategies 2011 2013

Trading History 2011 - 2013. Detailed XLS sheet

Dear future investor. The money earning could not be easier.

Download Matras software for free. Establish DEMO or LIVE account, import our complex strategy into the workspace, run it and wait for real profits presented above.