Top 5 benefits of using Automated Trading Software

  1. The advantage of Matras Platform is that it allows traders to participate in the market even when sleeping
  2. Matras Platform allows traders to trade even if they do not have time for it
  3. Matras platform allows traders to backtest their strategies at no cost
  4. An automated trading software helps to overcome the psychological challenges of trading
  5. Using Matras Platform is 100% FREE, there are no additional costs or fees

Demo account can be set up through our online trading platform MATRAS. Follow the registration process and login with your email. Everything is fully automated.

If you are an advanced user or feeling bit nostalgic we have a real sophisticated software for you. You have much more flexibility running and editing the software plus you can test your own strategies. Download the software below and follow our free registration process on our demo servers. Once you are ready with the LIVE account please come back to us.

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