This step is pretty easy. Just follow the road to and press the download button. Once installed, you are asked to agree on Terms and Conditions of the software. You know how it goes, just like any other software, don't mess with the code, don't sell, don't distribute it, don't do anything against the rules and you will be just fine. The software is free of charge and was developed in Slovakia some 5 years ago by IT and Trading gurus.



The last question you will be promted is about strategies (we call them climbers). I would strongly recommend to opt for "install climbers". First, it uploads automatically our existing strategies which we use for LIVE trading and secondly you get to see the setting in action. This is much better than to have white sheet and not knowing where to go. Unless you are an experienced user of Matras or similar software I would suggest for the given strategies. You can edit them later if you wish.


The software is ready to be used. You will see the climbers have already started and are "running". Right now you have ZERO open deals. Because the system is waiting for the strategy / climber to pick up the defined moment and buy/sell depending on the situation. This is where you will see the open deals to be filled. Once the strategy decides to close the deal you will see it down in the closed deals window.

matras screenshot empty

What to do next

Once you have the strategies activated you can wait couple days and see how software is filling out the working orders, opening deals and closing deals with profit or loss (hopefully profit). Remember this is still a DEMO account however with real quotes and real situation on the market. So you don't lose a penny with this. The strategies / climbers used are for learning purposes. We by no means suggest any financial advisory here and are not liable if you follow them. However if you install these same strategies onto your LIVE account you can perform just as good. Please see here the historical performance of accounts:

How do strategies work?

Well, we like to make it quite simple. We don't wait for specific moment to enter the market. You can actually enter any time. Because once you do, there is 50:50 chance the market goes up (long) and you start buying or the market goes down (short) and you start selling. The beauty about this strategy does not lie at the right moment but rather what happens next. And this is programmed in the algorithm of the software. The strategy looks like this:





Keep it Simple

Although Software offers multiple advance functions such as scripts and dynamic parameters where you can change various functions while running the strategies for the start we don't recommend using it. This will come later. The most important is to understand we are buying / selling based on set of indicators PIPs movement up or down and then average pricing it for number of deals in order to get desired profit.

If you have any questions, please watch our video tutorials where you can learn more or contact us via contact form.



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