Take a look at the 6 months chart below since January 1 2016. Normally, any software algorithm could detect the trends in longs and shorts. However in case of GBP, the current situation is really unpredictable and users experience heavy drawdowns and corrections. The Matras Platform uses multi-currency trading, so luckily the other currencies are behaving in trends.


When you have multi-currency trading your losses on unpredictable behavior of one currency (e.g. GBP) can be offset with other currencies profits. It is important that your account is trading all positions. During the hard times of Swiss Franc in February last year, or Euro summer period of Greece and China gold reserves issues, there was always one black sheep of the family. Yet, the other currencies protected the hit and equalized the net profits.


The Matras Platform uses algorithmic trading and automates trading strategies into one main dashboard and collects cumulative profits based on selective PIP targets. The secret behind is to test enough tick data (e.g.5 years) to know your maximum drawdowns. If you are investing and trading or following some great gurus, get correct information about the drawdowns. We experience on daily matters that large well know platforms are showing growing equity curve but do not show you drawdowns based on tick data. If you trade with one miniLot (i.e. 10,000 USD) and your maximum drawdown during last year period is 6,000, you can take informed decision that your strategy will work also for the future. This is what Matras Platform is using.

Even best software and best algorithmic strategies have sometimes hard times with one currency, but if they stick to the plans and do not touch it manually (e.g. prematurely closing positions manually), the drawdowns return back. Sometimes it just takes times and one must believe the algorithm and the strategy works. Please consult any of your manual interventions with experienced traders.

Matras Platform Development Team 


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