Our company offers complex solutions for those subjects on the market that want to stay profitable.

By joining science and technology with strong partners and experience, we have created a functional and reliable financial market trading system

Science – We can offer our clients the optimization of their investment strategies leading to an increase in their effectiveness. When optimizing trading strategies, we cooperate with a team of mathematicians who work at prestigious universities and collaborate on research activities in the field of mathematics.

Technology – MATRAS (Mathematic Trading System) is our in-house developed software, which is able to fully automate complex trading strategies, take decisions with amazing speed and execute individual trades as well. Our system is based on fully backed-up and permanently monitored servers. MATRAS offers simulations of any possible market phases and situations so that the client knows what to expect of his trading strategies. The system can automatically calibrate itself and therefore react to changes during the market day.

Partners – our system is connected to supreme European brokers, via VPN (a direct and secure link) and FIX protocols. We are registered as an IB (Introducing Broker) partner with these brokers and this affiliation allows us to connect our clients to the market via the IB structure in such a way that their strategies are processed by the MATRAS system and that their trading is fully automated. Credit Trading has acquired a National Bank of Slovakia license in order to connect its clients to the IB structure under licensed liquidity providers. This license is accepted within all European Union. We are also able to connect to your preferred broker using our API connections.

Experience – the result of the aforementioned affiliation is our ability to offer our clients a wide spectrum of financial market trading solutions from very basic optimization through strategy automation to complex market trading solutions.

FOREX – an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange or the so-called currency pairs. Our system was developed predominantly for trading various currency pairs, because:

  • FOREX is the world’s biggest financial market with extremely high liquidity
  • the daily trading volume on FOREX exceeds three billion USD
  • high dynamics and volatility of currency pairs offer constant generation of trades
  • FOREX is available all day for six days of the week
  • FOREX is a market that is affected by mathematics the most and a major number of its movements is caused by mathematical relationships

Automation of strategies constitutes an important factor in trading effectiveness and trading risk

An automated strategy is able to generate trades and therefore also potential profit for 24 hours a day. It is therefore possible to reduce the volume of individual trades and the minimum profit of each individual trade while retaining overall profit margins. By reducing trade volume the risk becomes less significant and by reducing the required profit of individual trades, the speed of exiting open trades rises.

The basis of strategy automation is the automation of the so-called “money management”. Software, as opposed to human traders, is not subject to psychological stress and adheres to configured parameters of risk and profit with perfect accuracy. It monitors the status of all open trades according to set criteria, managing them at the same time. With the elimination of psychological stress, erroneous decisions made under pressure have become history.

Matras software, which we use for automation, boasts more than a hundred of configurable parameters and several automated modules. It features a module for the simulation of reality and for strategy testing, it can accept external signals created in other software programs and trade with them. A detailed description of the Matras program’s features and possibilities can be found in a separate presentation.

The solutions we offer to our clients are always individually configured according to the particular requirements of the client.

We offer our clients full administrative support.

The whole process of starting an account in the Broker is taken care of by our company, as we are a partners of the Broker with the permission to start client accounts.

The account structure we have introduced, where the client is the owner and the sole manager of the account, is in place because of the following reasons:

  • absolute transparency of relationships, commissions and fees
  • clearly defined risk according to the client’s needs
  • complete overview of account status and trades available to the client
  • deposits, withdrawals and transfers executed by the client

This material serves educational purposes only and does not constitute any particular business or investment offer. It does not make any particular investment recommendations either. Its purpose is to inform about modern trading methods. Investing in financial markets constitutes a major risk and any profits up to date are no guarantee of future profits.


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