We are pleased to inform that after 6 months of development we are ready to roll out the online version of Matras Platform - Web Client. The traders will have a chance to perform the trading on multiplatform device and check the working orders, open deals and closed deals on their PC, Laptop or Mobile. The biggest advantage is that you can login and check the performance of the strategies and your profit in realtime.

History of trading has thought us that the biggest enemy a trader faces, is his own psychology and the lack of consistency. There are many books about trading psychology and how to conquer ones emotions when trading, and yet there are traders who do struggle with it.

So you wonder how it is to trade with Matras Platform. What do you need to start? Let me tell you, it has never been easier. All you need is to download the latest version available at our website and and plug yourself in. Let's get through some easy steps.

Trading currencies is one of the most popular ways to invest money right now. The value of a currency can quickly go up or down. When you purchase the currency at a downturn and sell when the value rises you can make quite a bit of money.

As you all know, Great Britain is expecting the most important referendum of the modern times so called Brexit. The referendum takes place June 23 and main question is whether Great Britain will stay within European Community or not. Now, anybody of you who is watching the FOREX market and EUR/GBP or USD/GBP must think that the currency went ballistic. The tick data is jumping around crazy.

Virtual Servers are a hot topic – especially for trading. Colocation at an exchange location is expensive – very expensive - and often done under quite complicated commercial contracts. A virtual server is easy for trading.

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