The intention to set up Credit Trading Ltd., came from an idea to combine science, technology, experience and strong partners to create a functional and reliable trading system for financial markets. In cooperation with our premium liquidity providers – LMAX Exchange and Swissquote we carried out this plan and succeeded. MATRAS PLATFORM is the result.

We offer our clients optimizing their investment strategies with the goals of increasing efficiency. When optimizing trading strategies, we work with a team of mathematicians who work at prestigious universities and participate in research activities in the field of mathematics. Mathematical optimization takes place under the supervision of CREDIT TRADING, which is our partner organization and has the authority to optimize processes through mathematics.

Credit Trading Ltd. is licensed by the National Bank of the Slovak Republic as a financial agent in the sector capital market inthe scope of § 2 paragraph section 1 and section 2 of Act 186/2009 , which is valid in the Slovak Republic. Since we have a strong partnership with LMAX Exchange (UK) and SWISSQUOTE (UK), we can provide world class support and services just like them. Our flagship software product MATRAS PLATFORM has been developed for more than 5 years and with connection to premium brokers in UK we make FOREX easy, profitable, understandable, and most of all automated.

Credit Trading Company meets all the financial regulated criteria to allow clients connect to the IB structure of direct liquidity providers through FIX protocol and premium software MATRAS.

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